CACC 堂委會章程

CACC Oversight Committee


The minister is the chairman. In his absence, it becomes the person appointed by the Minister.


Is appointed by the Committee and:


  •  prepares the Agenda paper for each meeting
  •  takes minutes of the meeting
  •  emails the minutes of that meeting before the next meeting
  •  handles correspondance regarding to CACC



Members of the Committee are appointed by the minister, with prior announcement of nominated members to receive feedback from congregation. 

Each member of the committee is expected to be godly model to the rest of the congregation. Therefore, each member is required to be:


  •  Sound in doctrine, godly in character, and committed to prayer (i.e. 1 Tim 3:1-10)
  •  Regular attender at Sunday church service
  •  Regular attender/leader at a Bible study group
  •  Committed to financial giving to CACC
  •  Active in serving the members at CACC


Function or role:

The function or role of this Committee is to:-


  • Provide oversight to the ministry at CACC:


•Ensure the congregation remains theologically reformed, evangelistic, growing in godliness, and serving one another in love.

•Support the minister regarding to the direction of the ministry, strategic planning and financial budgets

•Support the minister on significant pastoral and planning issues


  • Co-ordinate with various ministry teams, such as church service team, welcoming team and caring team, and other ministry teams, regarding to decisions made by the committee and concerns raised by the ministry teams



The duraton of membership is two years, subject to review. New members and replacements can be appointed when needs arise. It is expected that the maximum number of consecutive terms for each member is three terms (i.e. 6 years).

Meeting Frequency:

It aims to meet monthly with a break in December given the holiday season.



At least a week prior to each meeting, the Secretary will circulate an Agenda and any material to be discussed. The Committee can make suggestions as to what should be included in the Agenda – just email the Secretary in time to be included in the Agenda. However, attention should be given to the "big" issues that give shape and direction to our ministry, rather than operational matters. Operational matters are better dealt with through sub-committees.

An example of the agenda is:

- Devotion and prayer

- Focus on people matters for the whole congregation

Identify and discuss pastoral issues

Identify and discuss disciple-making needs

- Reports and issues from ministry teams

- General Business such as operational matters

- Close with prayer

Examples of "big" issue that could be discussed:

• Strategy for evangelism, encouragement, expansion, prayer

• Church planting

• Relationships with other churches

• Relationships with the Crossway group of churches

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